Iowa Gun Rights Being Eyed

Iowa is used to making a difference. Every U.S. presidential election, the Iowa Caucus can make or break a candidate. Soon, Iowa gun rights may be making a positive difference. They may be extended for citizens at a time when other states are trying to take away gun rights. House File 527 passed by a […]

Congressional Letter on ATF Framework

Is Your Elected Member of Congress with YOU? Did your Elected Member with or against the “ATF Framework?” On March 4, 2015, a total of 238 members of the U.S. House of Representatives signed their name to a letter to BATFE Director, B. Todd Jones. By doing so, they announced they stand firmly against the […]

Florida Man James Marshall Brings Dead Body to Lawyer

Truth sometimes really is stranger than fiction. And this true story from Lee County, Florida is pretty strange. It’s about an argument over an outhouse among other things. Plus, it gives all new meaning to the term, “Dead on arrival.” No charges have been filed by the Lee County Sheriff’s Office. But officials have confirmed […]

Former ATF Agent on Ammo Ban M855

Unplugged on Ammo Ban: Former ATF Agent Daniel O’Kelly (Part 2 of 3-Part Series. Click Here for Part 1.) #FightAmmoBan You are about to be armed with some serious facts. This is by no means another internet rant on the proposed ammo ban. This is quite different. These are the expert opinions and observations of […]

Sunnyvale Gun Laws Rain on Owner Rights

sunnyvale-gun-lawsToday, the sun is shining. It’s shining on the Bay Area city leaders of Sunnyvale, California. But the Sunnyvale gun laws are not shining on Americans who believe in the Second Amendment and gun rights.

Especially since Sunnyvale is only a few hours north of AWC, we can smell the familiar odor of, “Since we can’t grab their guns, we’ll go after their ammo!”

Since 2000, California law has banned making, selling, giving or lending magazines that can hold more than 10 rounds of ammunition. But in 2013, Sunnyvale voters passed a city ordinance going further. It also makes it illegal to possess them in the home. The new Sunnyvale gun laws require residents to turn in illegal magazines, or risk misdemeanor prosecution.

A three-judge panel of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on Wednesday voted unanimously in favor of upholding the newest of Sunnyvale gun laws. In the suit titled, Fyock v. City of Sunnyvale, President Clinton’s appointee to the 9th U.S. Circuit Court, Judge Michael Daly Hawkins wrote the opinion stating, “Sunnyvale’s interests in promoting public safety and reducing violent crime were substantial and important government interests.”

The court backed the city saying Sunnyvale did not overstep the 2nd Amendment in its efforts to reduce gun violence. In doing so, it rejected the National Rifle Association and other gun rights groups, which argued the restrictions are unconstitutional and undermine gun owners’ right to protect their homes with a
mple firepower.

Lawyer for the gun rights groups, Chuck Michel, called the ruling a “fundamental misapplication” of Supreme Court precedent. He assured an appeal was coming quickly, and a new round of the legal challenge to the Sunnyvale law was being filed next week.

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court said because the law only prohibited magazines holding more than 10 cartridges, it did not strip residents of the right to possess guns in their homes. The 9th Circuit ruled that Sunnyvale’s law is “simply not as sweeping” as the handgun ban invalidated by the Supreme Court in 2008, noting it does not undercut owning a firearm for self-defense.

Judge Michael Daly Hawkins wrote, “We need not determine at this juncture whether firing-capacity regulations are among the long-standing prohibitions that fall outside of the Second Amendment’s scope.”

A War on Magazines in the West

To no one’s surprise, San Francisco already passed a similar ordinance. But now, the assault on gun owners may spread like a summer wildfire fanned by Santa Ana winds. Voting on a similar ban is upcoming in Los Angeles City Council.

But keep in mind the new unconstitutional Sunnyvale gun laws might be more than a California thing. It’s important to recognize the 9th U.S. Circuit Court covers these 9 states:

Alaska               Arizona               California

Hawaii              Idaho                   Montana

Nevada             Oregon                Washington

Former ATF Agent on Ammo Ban

Unplugged: Former ATF Agent Daniel O’Kelly (Part 1 of 3-Part Series.) #FightAmmoBan  In this AWC exclusive, it was an honor to have Mr. Daniel O’Kelly speak freely with us. Given the Obama Administration proposed ammo ban led by the ATF, it’s a critical time for gun rights in America. Without a doubt, the voice of […]

Bryce Stirlen, New CEO

AWC Acquired by Lake House Capital Management, Bryce Stirlen

In the United States of America, you can mix business with pleasure. Here is living proof.

Lake House Capital Management, LLC, a Hinsdale, Illinois-based holding company is pleased and proud to announce it has acquired all the assets of Lycurgan, Inc., (doing business as AWC). Specific terms of the deal were not disclosed at this time.

U.S. Marine, Dimitri Karras, who served tours in both Iraq and Afghanistan, founded AWC in 2010. Headquartered in Oceanside, California, AWC is the leading supplier of 80 percent lower receivers, and develops and manufactures high quality American-made firearm parts to legally build your own weapons. The business also proudly develops, manufactures, and sells innovative tactical gear, combat body armor, and more.

“We thank and respect Dimitri Karras for his patriotism, service, and defense of our country and its Constitution,” says new AWC CEO, Bryce Stirlen. “We value his vision and efforts with AWC, and truly wish him all the best in his future roles in the company.”

AWC customers can expect to experience no disruption in quality or service during the management transition. But like when anyone buys a house, Lake House Capital Management has much it loves about AWC, but also has some areas where it wants to make changes and add its own touches.

“Great people and great products have built AWC into the successful business it is today,” adds Stirlen, a gun enthusiast, husband, and father. “Our main focus is to now build a better foundation to support the explosive growth the Company is experiencing.

That said, to be clear, one area where we will not waver is in loyal defense of the 2nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, and protecting the rights of all Americans to bear arms.

We are very excited about an even brighter future for AWC, and believe our customers will be excited about it, too.”

Amended: New AWC CEO, Bryce Stirlen. “In response to feedback about our Veteran heritage, we maintain and stand strong unwavering from our Veteran status. Of Veterans, by Veterans, and for Veterans.”

Dr. John Lott Takes Aim at NY Times

John Lott Jr

Dr. John R. Lott, Jr. taking aim at the NY Times

Dr. John Lott, Jr. Takes Aim at N.Y. Times & Gun Control Advocates

Today, isn’t about the smoke beginning to clear. It’s about the sound of the expert shots fired yesterday which deserve to be heard as far as the ears in America can hear. Dr. John Lott, Jr. armed himself with the truth in taking aim at the New York Times, and other gun control advocates. That’s a good thing.

Add to it that, Dr. John Lott is a leading expert and author on guns, and heads up the Crime Prevention Research Center. That’s a better thing. Add to it that he’s dead on target with his opinions, and has the facts to support them…that’s even better. Here’s a closer look.

His latest piece just published as a columnist for is titled, “Guns and the New York Times: Why shouldn’t Americans be able to defend themselves?” In his writing, Dr. Lott is quickly returning fire against a recent opinions post by the N.Y. Times Editorial Board. It was regarding the number of deaths attributed to individuals who have legal permits to carry concealed weapons. They called it, “Concealed Carry’s Body Count.”

Dr. John Lott, Jr. argued Americans who have gone to the trouble, and through the trials and tribulations of becoming legal concealed handgun permit holders are not criminals. He rightly defended them as true law-abiding citizens. He packed his position with solid proof showing permit holders are even more law-abiding than police.

A highlight of his powerful rebuttal to the N.Y. Times, Dr. Lott points out a study by Police Quarterly. It showed crimes committed by police officers were reported at a rate of 124 crimes per 100,000 officers. Whereas concealed handgun permit holders committed crimes at just one sixth of that rate, 20.5 per 100,000.

AWC would like to publicly acknowledge and thank Dr. John Lott, Jr. for taking on the New York Times. We appreciate his latest well-researched article in support of the 2nd Amendment, gun rights, and specifically permit holders across the United States of America.

Columbine Survivor Patrick Neville Wants Firearms in Schools

patrick-neville-coloradoWhere were you on April 20, 1999? U.S. history remembers the day and the names Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. This is because of the Columbine High School massacre in Colorado, and the pair of troubled teens responsible for it. At AWC, we’re hoping history in the near future will remember the name, Patrick Neville. Here’s why.

One teacher and 12 students were murdered during the 1999 Columbine shooting rampage in Littleton, Colorado. Another 27 students were physically injured by the two high school seniors who then committed suicide. Everyone who was part of the Columbine community at the time was emotionally wounded by the tragedies. This group includes former student, Patrick Neville, who was in his sophomore year at the time.

After graduating from the University of Colorado at Denver with a degree in Economics, Neville bravely joined the U.S. Army knowing he would be going into war. He reached the rank of Captain, serving in various combat and non-combat leadership positions. Among his recognized achievements, he was awarded the Bronze Star, the Army Commendation Medal (OLC), and the Army Achievement Medal.

Today, Patrick Neville is a Republican State Representative from Castle Rock, CO serving the citizens of Douglas County in Colorado House District 45. He is also a diehard believer in the U.S. Constitution, and proud supporter of its 1st Amendment and 2nd Amendment. He comes from a family known for favoring fewer gun restrictions.

Colorado House Bill 1198

Now, the Columbine survivor, U.S. Veteran, and Colorado politician, is trying to create safer schools. He aims to do it by arming schools. Patrick Neville has introduced Colorado House Bill 1198. It’s a proposed bill which would empower anyone with a concealed weapons permit the legal right to conceal and carry firearms in Colorado public schools. Patrick Neville is sponsoring the bill with his father, State Senator, Tim Neville from Littleton.

“This bill will allow honest law-abiding citizens to carry a concealed firearm for protection,” stated Neville through a press release. “But most importantly, it will give them the right to be equipped to defend our children from the most dangerous situations.”

The Gun-Free School Zones Act was passed in 1990. It is what stands in the way of  law-abiding gun owners and concealed-carry permit holders providing protection in a school zone.

Patrick Neville believes Colorado House Bill 1198 will make for less school shootings in the future. He says the current law in place barring law abiding permit holders from carrying in Colorado schools is “an open invitation for violent thugs and criminals intent on doing harm.”

Neville, who married his high school sweetheart and has two daughters, adds, “Parents wake up every day and bring their children to school on blind faith that their kids will return home safe. Unfortunately the current system continues to leave our children as sitting targets for criminals intent on doing harm.”

Colorado House Bill 1198 has been assigned to the Democratic-controlled House State Affairs committee. A 2014 Quinnipiac University poll found it might have enough support. 50 percent of the Colorado voters polled said they supported allowing teachers and school officials to carry firearms on school grounds.

To be continued.


Build a Pistol for protection.



No Major Violations at Bullets and Burgers Gun Range

bullets-and-burgers-range-instructor-killedNo doubt you remember. Last August, a 9-year old girl lost control of a mini Uzi. She killed her shooting range instructor at Bullets and Burgers. It was a horrible accident. At the time, this sensationalized Arizona gun story was made out to bigger and deeper than the nearby Grand Canyon.

No doubt your remember. A rapid fire, highly public debate and race to assign blame quickly spread around the world. The story was everywhere in the media. It was talked about in water cooler conversations from Arizona to New York City and back. How could this happen? Should a 9-year old girl have been holding a loaded mini Uzi in the first place? What in the world wrong with Bullets and Burgers? What’s wrong with Arizona? What’s wrong with gun laws? And more, right?

 Now here’s the end of the story which will never get as much attention. It won’t even come close. It’s news, but won’t be to everyone.

The state agency responsible for investigating workplace fatalities has just released its findings. The Arizona Department of Occupational Safety and Health (ADOSH) has concluded it discovered no serious violations at the Bullets and Burgers gun range in White Hills, Arizona. The facility is located in rural Mohave County, actually not far from Las Vegas, Nevada. Following a thorough investigation, the business was cited for 5 “non-serious” violations…all of which were unrelated to the fatal shooting.

39-year old Charles Vacca, of Lake Havasu City, Arizona, was the Bullets and Burgers range instructor killed on August 25, 2014 by the young girl. Edited video of the incident went viral online and in traditional media around the world. It showed the experienced range instructor switching the mini Uzi to “full-auto.” After he did, the girl quickly lost control of the gun. Sadly, it recoiled over her shoulder and was fired directly at Vacca at point blank range.

From a legal perspective, the investigation by the Mohave County Sheriff’s Department ruled the death at Bullets and Burgers an accident. After it concluded its report, the Sheriff’s Office followed protocol and handed over its investigation to the State of Arizona.

A recent board meeting of the Industrial Commission of Arizona, ADOSH director William Warren told the commission the Bullets and Burgers gun range, had made safety improvement changes since the accident. Now, children as young as 8 years old are free to fire weapons at the range. However, they must now be accompanied by an adult.

Many have accused the 9-year old girl’s family and Vacca for being irresponsible. Vacca has been criticized for not firing the weapon himself at first in a demonstration for the girl. However, the range instructors only teach proper stance and how to hold a weapon. They do not demonstrate by firing it.

According to the minutes of the Industrial Commission of Arizona meeting, its Chairman, David Parker, explained the Bullets and Burgers accident this way, “This is not a gun rights issue. The problem is with supplying a firearm to a small child that can easily get out of control.”