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CA DOJ Proposes Regulation Regarding Assault Weapon Definition

California: Another Holiday Gift to Gun Owners

By NRA-ILA: CA DOJ Proposes Regulation Regarding Assault Weapon Definition.  Today, November 22 — the day before Thanksgiving — the California Department of Justice officially notified the public of its intent to adopt a new regulation regarding the definitions of certain terms used to identify “assault weapons” under California law. If adopted, the regulation would take existing definitions of terms relating to “assault weapons” currently being challenged by NRA and CRPA in state court, and apply them to the identification of “assault weapons” pursuant to California law.

The NRA and CRPA attorneys are currently reviewing the proposed regulation and will be providing public comment. Stay tuned for more information, and make sure you are subscribed to NRA and CRPA email alerts.

For those of you who are confused (and rightfully so, we might add), the regulation is a direct result of DOJ’s recently adopted regulations regarding the registration of newly classified “assault weapons” pursuant to AB 1135 and SB 880. As we reported in August, the Office of Administrative Law approved DOJ’s regulations regarding the registration of “assault weapons” only after it made a minor, non-substantive change to its originally proposed regulations which were formally rejected barely a month earlier.

Here We Go Again

5 thoughts on “CA DOJ Proposes Regulation Regarding Assault Weapon Definition

  1. Why not accept the definition given by the US Army? By its definition it’s a selective-fire rifle chambered for a cartridge of intermediate power. Selective-fire means a firearm’s ability to be fired fully automatically, semi-automatically or, in some cases, in burst-fire mode at the option of the firer. Of course to liberal Hollywood it’d include the endless cartridge capacity automatic rapid fire SIX-SHOOTER of the Old West.

  2. You can’t fix STUPID! Assault weapons are already defined! Get over it! You can’t just rename something in order that Pin Heads can then ban them! Oh, but this is The land of Fruits and Nuts under Gov. MoonBeam! Common Sense is banned there and has been for many years and shows no sign of improving!

  3. Remember — the ONLY part of the “Assault” rifle considered to be a fire arm by the ATF is the LOWER RECEIVER , everything else is just parts – so IF confiscation is happening , REMOVE the upper receiver and barrel, the magazine, the stock, the hand grip, all the trigger assembly and give them the empty lower receiver AND you HAVE complied — then get an 80% polymer or metal lower and put those parts on that — NO registration needed

  4. Undermining your elected officials, like the president or otherwise delgating your countries laws and codes of conduct to us as a citizens while disobeyinv and outright profiting financially for your vote by foreign countries, and while disregarding the political desires of your citizens you are elected to represent is whats known as treason. Treason has only one defined punishment allowed by law and that is death. Someday, i think soon, American citizens lead by a legal authority figure such as a governor of sherriff will eventually amass a number of patriots and citizens alike to come to your call for our constitutional rights and execute their oaths as you are in violation of yours. ” The rights of the people shall not be infringed. ” is a statement that has kept our country free for hundreds of years. Do not think you are the person who is capable of saving all if America from its freedom. Only think you may not be seen by the people as doing your duty and protecting our freedoms. Mark my words a storm is brewing and its coming for our freedoms your criminal goverment has taken. The supporting of unelected non legislative laws made up by a criminal organization like the ATF, FBI and alike NOT WHAT YOU WERE ELECTED TO REPRESENT. We are watching, we are waiting for our goverment leaders to call us to action as we grow tired of your Senate that does its own bidding. Know it be true know it be soon, lest we all suffer to the whims of tyranny.

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