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  • The Huskey MKI Slider Sling was manufactured to allow ease of use and quick adjustment to shooting positions. It carries the name and seal of approval of Marine Scout Sniper Instructor and 2009 International Sniper Competition winner Josh Huskey. Two point methodology allows quick target acquisition and steady shooting at ranges that other slings do not allow. The MKI Slider allows for smooth, easy adjustment between shooting positions. As with all of our tactical gear the Huskey MKI Slider Sling comes with a lifetime warranty.

    Made in America

  • IA Demolitions EOD Pack

    Designed with the help of EOD Techs on Camp Pendleton to carry all the essentials for an EOD team conducting short range Foot Mobile operations. Overall the AWC Demolitions EOD Pack is designed for quick access, easy organization, simplicity, and flexibility of use. The pack can handle up to 30 pounds of demolitions and has the space for attaching additional pouches for water, chow, and any other of those basic field necessities.

    AWC keeps nylon gear in-stock, but great numbers are made to order; therefore AWC tactical nylon items may not be listed as live inventory. All tactical gear sold by AWC is handcrafted to meet your tactical needs. To stay in-line with providing superior quality, please allow 10-15 business days for delivery. Your order will not be charged until shipment.



Showing 49–50 of 50 results