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Gabby Giffords: Shut Down Ghost Gun Sites

By Chris Eger,  Gabby Giffords: Shut Down Ghost Gun Sites. A national gun control group is pushing the Internet Service Providers of two popular home-built firearm companies to disable the businesses’ websites.

The group, founded by former U.S. Rep. Gabby Giffords, argues that and should be taken offline because they allow individuals who may be legally barred from buying a firearm to purchase kits that allow them to assemble guns themselves. As such, they contend the companies’ ISPs– Shopify and Dreamhost, respectively– are contractually entitled to shut the websites down.

The Giffords group frames their argument by citing homemade guns used in a series of murders earlier this month by a man in Tehama County, California who was a prohibited from possessing firearms.

Gabby Giffords Calls to End Ghost Gunners

6 thoughts on “Gabby Giffords: Shut Down Ghost Gun Sites

  1. Hmmm, where have we heard this tactic before–never let a good crisis go to waste? If folks of Giffords ilk controlled the country in the mid 1700s, the British flag would still be flying over Washington. She seems to want to replace our flag with a new flag, any flag which represents tyranny. Perhaps a flag with an American child, prone, with the Jack-boot of a progressive-Washingtonian resting on the child’s neck.

  2. The second amend. does not “GIVE” the right for a US citizen to be able to defend one’s self. As free born people we have a natural right to self defense. If a piece of paper gives a right that same paper can take it away. This so called lawmaker is an ignorant fool.

  3. Yes…. Her husband should have been in jail for his lies on the ATF form,4473 he filled. out in Arizona the make a straw purchase of a AR-15 too. Her buddy the lying Obama kept him from being arrested with his buddy Eric Holder. What does that say for all those criminals? They flock together….

  4. This comes from the liberal moron hero who said that if someone scary is on your property, go out on the back porch with your 12 gauge and fire a couple of rounds in the air. That’ll scare them off. He’s definitely not from a big city, where all criminals have stolen guns and will shoot back.

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