Gun Controllers Ignore Good Guy Gun Cases

Gun Controllers Ignore Good Guy Gun Cases

By NRA-ILA: Gun Controllers Ignore Good Guy Gun Cases.  Less than three hours after the tragedy at the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) was looking to score political points. As is his custom, Murphy fired off a tweet admonishing his colleagues for their refusal to submit to the gun control lobby’s agenda. However, in the following hours, as more information about the shooting became available, it became clear the event didn’t fit so neatly into Murphy’s preconceived anti-gun narrative.

Reports began to come out that an armed citizen, later identified as NRA Member and former NRA Instructor Stephen Willeford, had engaged the shooter with his own firearm, prompting the killer to flee the scene. With little information and no qualms about denigrating the brave actions of an American hero, the omniscient Murphy tweeted, “Let’s be clear – nobody ‘stopped’ this shooting…” At the time Willeford engaged the shooter, there were at least 20 people still alive inside the church. A heart-rending account provided to the Washington Post by David Brown, son of wounded churchgoer Farida Brown, made clear that Farida Brown feared the shooter was not finished killing when Willeford came on the scene.

Murphy’s attempt to dismiss Willeford’s courageous response to the shooting is in keeping with gun control advocates’ longstanding messaging efforts and shows the depths anti-gun activists will sink to bury the facts. According to these gun-control proponents, good guys with guns don’t stop bad guys with guns.

Good Guys Get No Love

2 thoughts on “Gun Controllers Ignore Good Guy Gun Cases

  1. Dear fellow Americans,

    Don’t ever give up your constitutional rights.

    Our constitutional rights are not granted by government. They are recognized as naturally existing.

    The US Constitution limits the government, not US Citizens.

  2. ONE DOES NOT SURRENDER A RIGHT!!! When “they” start removing rights from the Bill of Rights our butts are grass! Then “they” will discover what the 2nd is all about. These asses who think the world will become love and peace don’t, in the least, comprehend radical Islam. Where would we be, if, in the old West, the cry was, ” Indians are raiding! Round up the settlers’ guns!! The worst offender at that kind of horse hockey silly faced goose necked New Englander, John, the Jackass, Kerry.

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