Joe Biden: Texas Rampage Hero

Joe Biden: Texas Rampage Hero Should Never Have a Gun!

Joe Biden: Texas Rampage Hero Should Never Have a Gun!

Joe Biden: Hero Who Ended Texas Rampage Shouldn’t Have Had His Gun

By NRA-ILA:  Joe Biden: Texas Rampage Hero Should Never Have a Gun! Most Americans consider Stephen Willeford a hero for bravely ending the rampage of a crazed murderer at a Texas church … but not former Vice President Joe Biden. During a national television appearance on Monday, Biden dismissed the Texan’s valorous actions, going so far as to say he shouldn’t have been carrying the AR-15 he used to stop the killer.

Biden, who is eyeing a presidential run in 2020, appeared on the Today show and took questions from the audience.

A young woman named Brianna asked him, “So with the tragedy that just happened in Texas, my question is, how do you justify the Democratic view on gun control when the shooter was stopped by a man who was legally licensed to carry a gun?”

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15 thoughts on “Joe Biden: Texas Rampage Hero Should Never Have a Gun!

  1. Joe Biden lives in a fantasy world. To say someone, who saves lives, who took the proper steps to protect himself and those who did not have the means to protect themselves, is in the wrong? FUCK HIM. It is beyond my comprehension to understand such narrow minded thinking. He is the kind of person that would do not do anything to protect and save people in harm’s way.
    I hope that he goes no where in terms of effecting change in what citizens of the United States of America have the right, NOT PERMISSION, the GOD GIVEN RIGHT, TO PROTECT AND DEFEND THEMSELVES.
    I am proud of Stephen Willeford, the fact he took it upon himself to defend and protect innocent people, then he did the right thing in killing that cowardly punk. That action took courage. FOR JOE BIDEN TO SAY WHAT HE SAID IS AN INSULT. I think Biden is disgusting, his attitude is do nothing, that is the action of a coward.

  2. Lol! Uh, considering his past dumbass comments, why is anyone even talking to ol Joe?!?
    Considering the fiscal mess he and Obama left us, who in their right mind would consider his opinion?!?

  3. Had this clown been challenged by the fawning media for 8 years during one gaffe after another he would not be able to show his face in public. Instead he and Barry never seem to shut up when talking about things they know nothing about.

  4. Now, hopefully everyone will know why this fool couldn’t follow obama like 99% of the other VPs have done and run for the presidency. It would have been a complete, total landslide for Trump if he had.

  5. This good citizen took down a criminal, what any good person would do to protect innocent people, badge nor authority should matter. He was right there, had he not been there, this would have been much more tragic… But yet Biden has the audacity to say and to put himself on some magic pedestal to the rest of the anti-gun/gun grabbers out there, makes sense to those idiots, but to anyone with common sense can clearly see it is totally ILLOGICAL. Again with Democrats blaming tools and finding any opportunity to further their noise pollution/ Anti-2A propaganda as usual. *face palm* for the stupidity out of another delusional democratic politician.

  6. Well said everybody, it is amazing this Ass-Hat Ass-Clown is weighing in on such a brave and heroic display of courage, selflessness, and the sense to know that law enforcement is overwhelmed given the state of the world. Sometimes, and no due respect to LEO’s and First Responder, 911 calls might as well go directly to the coroner’s office. In My hat is off to Stephen Willeford. I’m proud of his actions. In this situation, the common citizen ended a bad actions by others. Too bad the timing was not good for the peaceful people in the church.

    As far as Jabba the Clown, SCREW HIM AND THE HORSE HE ROAD IN ON. Joe-Ass, get back in the hole from whence you came.

    It’s the same gun grabbing game at every turn. Too bad Liberals like Matt Lauer weren’t there to give a first hand account of the murders.

  7. Well first off all he would be doing is eyeballing the presidency it could never go any further but why don’t this stupid moron fire all of his armed guards and walk the streets and run his bucket mouth like this? All the Democratic Party wants to do is strip everyone’s guns and keep theirs so that they can control everything, get on board with the 2nd admendment or just simply leave the country for a better place

  8. Remember Uncle Joe “said, all you need is double barrel shotgun and all you do is shoot threw the door ????, now theirs some common sense, as we all know they would be leading him to jail with the bracelet that lock, but he should be going along with Hillary,Dumbo Obamass,and Willie, so many more.

  9. Joe Biden is an anti-militay anti-police anti-gun Muslim sympathizer who would rather have sheep than those that think for themselves. Biden is a sellout to his country and was a conspirator with Obama who paid ransom money to a terrorist country. They should both be in prison, with the butcher of Benghazi(sp) Hilary aka Kilary Clinton.

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