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Poll: Are Gun Control Advocates Liars, Or Just Stupid?

By Tom Knighton, Bearing Arms:  Poll: Are Gun Control Advocates Liars, Or Just Stupid? Are gun control advocates liars, people who willfully tell falsehoods, or are they just complete and total idiots? It’s a fair question and it could go either way. I’ll also concede that the word “or” in that first sentence may need to be “and” as well. It’s certainly possible that they’re both.
The latest example that makes me ask the question comes from the New York Times. In particular, columnist Gail Collins, who writes this bit:

The House Judiciary Committee just voted to make it impossible for a state to always keep people convicted of violent offenses from carrying concealed weapons.

With a beginning like that, you just know it’s going to be good. You know that you’re going to read a reasonable discourse on the topic of national reciprocity, right?

Stupid is as Stupid Does


15 thoughts on “Poll: Are Gun Control Advocates Liars, Or Just Stupid?

  1. Lying is OK for the left leaning group as long as they accomplish their goals. They really believe the end justifies the means. Satan is the father of lies. The part of having children is they act like their parents. Oh Lord have mercy.

  2. They are both Liars and Stupid ! Are 2nd amendment covers it all ! What part of words Shall not be Infringed , do they not understand !

  3. Gun control advocates have one agenda and that is to steal, lie and kill us all !!! History has taught us the cold hard facts over and over again. Disarm the public and at their own will kill us with no resistance. We are not North Korea we are North AMERICA !!! Should we ever make the mistake of putting down our arms like many other nations made that mistake, it is we that are the stupid for allowing it and we are the liars to think they care about you or your families. Weather you served or not I remind us all ” FREEDOM IS NOT FREE ” GOD bless us all.

  4. Oh please!
    The answer is both, the leaders who are power mongers, and the blind followers and minions.
    This isn’t one or another, this is a well orchestrated example of the socialist/fascist method of indoctrination of the party line.
    Even in a well educated society, there are those who will be convinced of a better society by social equality and alleged ‘justice’ for the common man.
    It’s predicated on guilt and emotional angst of those who think they are either put upon, or have what others have not due to an inequality of the social mandate.
    And they are preyed upon by the power hungry fascists who know this, and take advantage of our society’s freedoms.
    It is the way of politics, and though the theme may change, the goal.is always the same, keep the little guy in his place, and pit him against something that takes the attention away from what us really going on.

  5. I think everyone between the ages of 18 and 80 should be required to be trained and armed, just like Switzerland.

  6. if we mandated that all American citizens have to give 1-2 yrs to the military before they can vote that would solve some of the problems. only when they can learn to put others in front of their disires and be willing to put their life on the line for the greater good can they vote .as most in goverment today have the hand out me first what is in it for me mindset.

  7. They are both Liars and Stupid. The left has spewed enough Lies that clearly show they don’t know what they’re talking about,when it comes to GUNS. And they are Stupid for following and believing the Liars. Like Hillary,
    who said we need a “Buy Back” Program like Australia. Any one who believes her Lie, is Out-Right Stupid.

  8. They are ignorant because they have never read the founding documents of this great country nor the other writings of founders that explain their intent in the constitution. They are ignorant because they listened to their liberal teachers in their liberal universities which only present one viewpoint. Without a second viewpoint free thought cannot occur. They are ignorant because they believe there is an elite group of persons (e.g. progressives, liberals socialist, communist, Marxist, fascist, etc..) that are better equipped to manage the affairs of their lives than they themselves are capable of. They are ignorant because they listen not to the testifier of all truth, the light we came here with and instead listen to the father of all lies. They are stupid because they refuse to consider any other viewpoint and only listen to those that have successfully brainwashed them. Those who intentionally mislead the young such as left media, educational institutions and the above types are lairs in the falsehoods they spread as well stupid for believing they are of the elites they presume will soon be leading us. When they start eating each other much as similar groups in history did they will discover their awful state, yet will be unable to correct their eternal condition. Stay true to the foundational truths this country was forged on my friends. Share them with others.

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