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  • The Nut Ruck is the tactical twist on a hip bag/fanny pack. Featuring a larger main compartment with two sleeved pouches to keep essentials separated. An additional smaller low pro zipper pouch on the front and rear keeps all your quick need essentials handy. Great piece of kit especially for those that want blow out kit of a quick grab and go essentials pack at the ready.

    Made in the USA

  • The next level of concealed weapon carry has arrived. Introducing the Shield. Not only can you discreetly and comfortably carry a small to medium sized weapon, but this pack gives the wearer armor protection with the bag’s integrated front and back plate carriers. What at first glance looks to be an unassuming backpack is in fact a handy carry-all system that can be quickly accessed in a moment’s notice which allows the user to deploy the armor and weapon system without removing the backpack.


    Proudly Made in the USA

  • IA Demolitions EOD Pack

    Designed with the help of EOD Techs on Camp Pendleton to carry all the essentials for an EOD team conducting short range Foot Mobile operations. Overall the AWC Demolitions EOD Pack is designed for quick access, easy organization, simplicity, and flexibility of use. The pack can handle up to 30 pounds of demolitions and has the space for attaching additional pouches for water, chow, and any other of those basic field necessities.

    AWC keeps nylon gear in-stock, but great numbers are made to order; therefore AWC tactical nylon items may not be listed as live inventory. All tactical gear sold by AWC is handcrafted to meet your tactical needs. To stay in-line with providing superior quality, please allow 10-15 business days for delivery. Your order will not be charged until shipment.


  • Originally designed for a Marine Sniper Platoon the Combat XII Pack offers a lightweight, viable solution for short ranged patrol operations. Constructed of 500D Cordura fabric no compromise was made on strength and durability yet the Combat XII Pack weighs it at only 25.9 ounces! The Combat XII Pack is capable of holding six 5.56 magazines or four of the 7.62×51 SASS Mags. There are two general purpose pouches on the rear of the pack that are “buddy” accessible from either side while the pack is worn. The main compartment is designed to hold several field striped MREs and either two 100 oz hydration bladders or 1 bladder and a 117 Gulf. For lightweight loads (25 lb. and under) The Combat XII features a unique direct to body armor wear system that allows the wearer’s arms full range of motion .This system enhances the users ability to more naturally move through a combat environment. Included for heavier loads, the Combat XII comes with shoulder straps that can be worn normally. Molle has been added to the sides and rear of the pack to allow the user to add or remove pouches based upon the current mission profile.

    This system is perfect for short-range, foot mobile R&S style missions where keeping the weight down and mobility high is essential. This pack is also very useful for Point Men or those in leadership positions such as Platoon Commanders, Squad Leaders or Team Leaders that must constantly be moving from position to position throughout the duration of an operation.

    There is a saying that goes around in the Marines regarding packs “The more room you have in your pack, the more stuff you can find to put in it.” This pack has more than enough room to take what you need and leave behind the nonsense.


    Proudly Made in the USA

  • Born out of a necessity for a medium-sized trauma bag without giving up any maneuverability in the gunfight, we introduce the Combat Medical Pack. Based on the Combat XII Pack , the CMP is designed to be worn as a direct attach or strap-worn system; it is a realistic compromise between size and speed. Designed on the real world experiences of the AWC staff, this medic pack comes ready to carry all the necessary battlefield trauma supplies in kinetic operations. Sorry, Band-aids — hitch a ride somewhere else. The top pouches can still carry M-16 and LR magazines; however, are large enough to carry 500mL IV bags. For this reason flaps have been added to these pouches to ensure UV rays do not come in contact with the bags. A small GP pouch is sized for items like a field surgical kit, OPAs, NPAs and cricothyrotomy kits. A 5×5 pouch comes with a dedicated chest seal pouch in order to maintain integrity of the seals. The back panel of the 5×5 is Velcro MOLLE so you can add either the included Velcro pouches or other MOLLE pouches. The main compartment maintains the hydration pocket but has Velcro MOLLE on both interior walls to use the included pouches or MOLLE pouches. The medic pack comes with (2) 12 inch zippered Velcro pouches and (2) 9 inch zippered Velcro pouches. It includes (5)Velcro single loops perfect for compression bandages, (1) multi-loop perfect for decompression needles and catheters, and a threader to put the loops on.

  • The LPA (Low Profile Arsenal) Covert Bag was made with the idea that there are situations where you should be able to carry your weapons without advertising what you have in the bag to the general public. This Bag is made to look like any other simple luggage. No Molle… No Problems. Lets be honest, no one at that hotel your checking into really needs to know whats in the bag.

    Proudly Made in the USA

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Soldiers, security personnel, anybody working in the field – whatever you do, AWC is here to help lighten your load. Our USA-made military tactical bags and backpacks offer the versatility you need to carry whatever you have to take with you into even the most dangerous conditions. Based on the design of several popular US military backpacks and made to mil-spec to ensure durability and trustworthiness. Available in several different colors to match the rest of your tactical gear and ensure uniformity where it matters most.