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  • The next level of concealed weapon carry has arrived. Introducing the Shield. Not only can you discreetly and comfortably carry a small to medium sized weapon, but this pack gives the wearer armor protection with the bag’s integrated front and back plate carriers. What at first glance looks to be an unassuming backpack is in fact a handy carry-all system that can be quickly accessed in a moment’s notice which allows the user to deploy the armor and weapon system without removing the backpack.


    Proudly Made in the USA


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Soldiers, security personnel, anybody working in the field – whatever you do, AWC is here to help lighten your load. Our USA-made military tactical bags and backpacks offer the versatility you need to carry whatever you have to take with you into even the most dangerous conditions. Based on the design of several popular US military backpacks and made to mil-spec to ensure durability and trustworthiness. Available in several different colors to match the rest of your tactical gear and ensure uniformity where it matters most.