6061 AR-15 Starter Kit

Our 6061 AR-15 Starter Kit is all you need to machine your lower receiver.  Kit includes:

  • 6061 AR-15 Lower Receiver (ANO or RAW)
  • IA AR-15 JIG
  • IA AR EZ Tooling Kit

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Our 6061 AR-15 Starter Kit is all you need to machine your lower receiver:

80% Lower AR-15 Billet Receiver (6061 ANO or RAW)

AWC 80% premium billet 6061 lower receivers are milled from 6061 aircraft grade aluminum and incorporate an integrated oversize trigger guard. Each anodized lower receiver features a Black Level III Hard Ano Coating for a durable long lasting finish.

Our 80% unfinished lower receivers are machined to Mil-Spec tolerances to fit most of the AR-15 accessories and parts on the market. All of our lowers are manufactured in the United States on HAAS 4-Axis Machines, tumbled and bead blasted for a perfect finish. We take pride in our anodizing and inspect each one to make sure that the finish is flawless.


  • Full mil-spec part compatibility ensures maximum rifle customization
  • Precision machined from aircraft-grade billet aluminum for superior strength
  • Broached, flared magwell aids with faster, easier magazine reloads
  • Heavy-duty oversize trigger guard enables winter use with gloves
  • Rear take down lug pocket completed

These receivers are 80% complete and the following machining processes must be performed before use.

  • Fire Control Group Pocket
  • Trigger Slot
  • Safety Selector Hole
  • Fire Control Group Retaining Pin Holes

Use the AWC 80% Jig and tooling kit to help turn this unfinished lower receiver into a 100% lower receiver.


The purchase of this component does not constitute the purchase of a firearm and as such does not require a FFL for transfer

Per ATF Rule 2015-1 the processes required to be performed to complete this 80% lower receiver to a 100% complete lower receiver must be performed by the individual who will be the physical owner of the firearm. Once these processes are performed any transfer of ownership is subject to all applicable; federal, state and local regulations.


Build a firearm with AWC original AR-15 Jig for use with AR-15 80% Unfinished Lower Receivers

Our AR-15 Jig is finely crafted in the USA from high quality 7075 T6 Aluminum with steel inserts. Each 80% Lower AR-15 Jig contains side plates and top plates for easy use for beginners to experts to build an AR-10 Firearm. Our 80% AR-15 Jig is made to work with most 80%  AR-15 Lower receivers. American Weapons Components offers both billet and forged 80% AR-15 Lower receivers that are sold separately. Our AR-15 Jigs can be reused to build several AR-15 80% Lowers.

The jig comes with a left and right side plate that clearly states which side the plate will go to and locks into the lower through pins that are inserted into the take down pin holes. Once the side plates are assembled on to the unfinished lower receiver then the top guide plate fits into the pin holes on the top of the jig, covering the receiver and exposing the area where the pockets will be milled out. Our jigs come with 3 top plates that are marked 1-3 and on each a notation of which end mill size to use and the milling depth. First you will want to drill some holes to the stated depth on the first plate and then begin milling. once you have milled out the entire section to the correct depth on the first plate you will switch to the second plate and then the third and follow the mill size and depth for each. Finally you will turn the jig to the side with the steel rings surrounding the side plate holes and use the jobber drill bits to drill out the side holes.

The AWC AR-15 Jig comes with a red Anodized coating and an embossed AWC logo to authenticate as an original. Purchase AR-15 Tooling Kit sold separately to take guessing out of drilling.

Jig includes the following:

  • 7075 T6 aluminum side places bushed with steel inserts to insure consistant precision drilling.
  • 7075 T6 aluminum top plate for mounting of pattern plates.
  • 3 steel pattern plates for machining of trigger pocket and trigger slot.
  • 2 top plate to side plate mounting bolts.
  • 2 pattern plate mounting screws.

Each component is individually replaceable in the event of loss or damage.

Jig does not include end milling bits or drill bits. The 80% lower Tooling kits can be bought here: https://awcweb.wpengine.com/product/ar15-ar10-tooling-kit/


IA EZ Tooling Kit

IA EZ Tooling Kit: Industry Armament’s new and improved EZ Tooling Kit contains all of the End Mills and Drill Bits in order to complete your AR-15 or AR-10 80% Lower with Industry Armaments 80% Jig and other standard jigs. Our EZ Tooling kit comes with custom guidelines on the Main End-Mill to make sure that you hit the exact milling depth for each step in your build. These marking depths are also noted on our 80% Jigs so that you can set your drill press to the correct depth as well as use the End-Mil guidelines as a secondary visual for accuracy.

Our Complete EZ Tooling kit features High Speed Steel material that allows for long term use for several builds without replacing bits. The 3/8” end mill comes with a 3 Fluted End for ease of Milling larger sections efficiently. The 5/16” End Mill comes with a 4 flute end to easily plunge through Trigger Pockets.


The Tooling comes with the following:

(1) 5/32”  118DEG Jobber Drill HSS

(1) 3/8”    118DEG Jobber HSS

(1) 3/8”    1 1/8” x 3” 3FL CC HSS END MILL

(1) 5/16”  4 FLUTE CC HSS END MILL

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