Combat XII Tactical Med Pack

Born out of a necessity for a medium-sized trauma bag without giving up any maneuverability in the gunfight, we introduce the Combat Medical Pack. Based on the Combat XII Pack , the CMP is designed to be worn as a direct attach or strap-worn system; it is a realistic compromise between size and speed. Designed on the real world experiences of the AWC staff, this medic pack comes ready to carry all the necessary battlefield trauma supplies in kinetic operations. Sorry, Band-aids — hitch a ride somewhere else. The top pouches can still carry M-16 and LR magazines; however, are large enough to carry 500mL IV bags. For this reason flaps have been added to these pouches to ensure UV rays do not come in contact with the bags. A small GP pouch is sized for items like a field surgical kit, OPAs, NPAs and cricothyrotomy kits. A 5×5 pouch comes with a dedicated chest seal pouch in order to maintain integrity of the seals. The back panel of the 5×5 is Velcro MOLLE so you can add either the included Velcro pouches or other MOLLE pouches. The main compartment maintains the hydration pocket but has Velcro MOLLE on both interior walls to use the included pouches or MOLLE pouches. The medic pack comes with (2) 12 inch zippered Velcro pouches and (2) 9 inch zippered Velcro pouches. It includes (5)Velcro single loops perfect for compression bandages, (1) multi-loop perfect for decompression needles and catheters, and a threader to put the loops on.

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This medium-sized tactical medical pack is designed to carry ammunition and a wide range of battlefield trauma supplies without sacrificing maneuverability. With this medic pack, you’ll be able to carry everything from M-16 and LR magazines to 500 mL IV bags, a field surgical kit, OPAs, NPAs, cricothyrotomy kits, compression bandages, and more. This tactical medic pack was created based on the real experiences of AWC staff, so you have the assurance of knowing that it was designed by people who truly understand the needs of people fighting in a combat zone.

Additional information

Weight 3.5 lbs
Dimensions 17.0000 × 4.0000 × 11.0000 in

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