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There is a saying that goes around in the Marines regarding packs “The more room you have in your pack, the more stuff you can find to put in it.” This pack has more than enough room to take what you need and leave behind the nonsense you don’t to the POG’s. As always AWC offers a lifetime time guarantee on all of their products.


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Originally designed for a Marine Sniper Platoon the Combat XII Pack offers a lightweight, viable solution for short ranged patrol operations. Constructed of 500D Cordura fabric no compromise was made on strength and durability yet the Combat XII Pack weighs it at only 25.9 ounces! The Combat XII Pack is capable of holding six 5.56 magazines or four of the 7.62×51 SASS Mags. There are two general purpose pouches on the rear of the pack that are “buddy” accessible from either side while the pack is worn. The main compartment is designed to hold several field striped MREs and either two 100 oz hydration bladders or 1 bladder and a 117 Gulf. For lightweight loads (25 lb. and under) The Combat XII features a unique direct to body armor wear system that allows the wearer’s arms full range of motion .This system enhances the users ability to more naturally move through a combat environment. Included for heavier loads, the Combat XII comes with shoulder straps that can be worn normally. Molle has been added to the sides and rear of the pack to allow the user to add or remove pouches based upon the current mission profile.

This system is perfect for short-range, foot mobile R&S style missions where keeping the weight down and mobility high is essential. This pack is also very useful for Point Men or those in leadership positions such as Platoon Commanders, Squad Leaders or Team Leaders that must constantly be moving from position to position throughout the duration of an operation.

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2 reviews

  1. hadowell (verified owner)

    The dimensions of this pack are definitely the best feature. Being relatively “tall”, the main compartment has the right shape to pack both warming layers and wet weather gear while remaining narrow and never subtracting from your maneuverability. Also, the narrow dimensions of the pack make it feasible to rig your helmet to the outside with some grimlocs affixed to the side webbing. The larger outer compartment is also the perfect size for stowing admin items that you don’t need to keep on your immediate person; it’s where I keep a Ranger handbook and some extra writing utensils. The small outer compartment is for anything else you use infrequently but still always want to have, like 550 cord. The utility of the integral mag pouches speaks for itself. The only design imperfection I can find is the odd double rainfly, which sometimes catches the zippers. Besides that, it’s everything you can ask of an assault pack.

  2. JB

    I really like this combat pack, for the size it’s amazing how much you can fit in it. The integrated mag pouches allow you to carry a lot of 30 round 5.56 magazines and I’ve heard of others who’ve used it for AK magazines.
    The pack is incredibly light but this isn’t because they skimped on materials as it is very durable and well made.
    The only weakness would be the shoulder straps if you wanted to use it as a pack not attached to a plate carrier. It lacks padding and will dig in if the pack is loaded.
    I would love to see an optional strap setup that can be added with padding.

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